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Advance Color Techniques

 Although there are only three ways that Hair Color is applied, the ability to create with these techniques is up to your imagination. This course will teach you methods and utilize tools that are more creative and modern which create different looks for your clients. You will be introduced to techniques such as Slicing, Basket Weaving,Diensional, and many more. Remember that Hair Color is a combination of color choice and application tech .

Stylish Cuts

Don Hale demonstrates two short hair cuts using clippers and shears, two hair color techniques, and two styles on each model to illustrate the versatility of the cuts. Learn to create a variation on a sharp short bob by framing the sides with a sloping fringe and long bangs with shears; how to deposit color, leaving natural hair color as highlighter with a protective clear color for a soft blend from root to tip; then how to style for a sleek forward flair or for an elegant evening with loose, creatively shaped curls. And learn how to feather-edge with a razor for a disconnected, funky yet chic style; pop the blonde with panels of shadow with color blocking; and, style for a spontaneous look with scrunching or for a luxurious sleek with sculpted touches created with fibrous gum. 

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