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Although Rich Roots Shampoo Bar is one of the best places to get your hair done, our service doesn't stop there. We also serve licensed cosmetologists by helping them excel in their craft. We have started the first continuing education program right in the heart of Southfield, MI!

Whats exciting about continuing education is it allows the stylist to perfect a new technique and add new services to their brand! It is imperative to learn and stay current in the beauty industry. Adding contemporary services to your salon menu will not only allow you financial gain, it will also add value and longevity to ones career! Cultivate your brand and nourish your talent to infinite possibilities! Rich Roots Shampoo Bar Continuing Education program is here to service the Master Stylist!

Master Classes

"I help License Cosmetologist increase revenue and expand their brand without spending more hours in the salon!"

Our Master Classes are designed to help salon professionals master new techniques, learn current trends, and perfect their craft! **Classes and availability coming soon!**

We also have an amazing course for those who are looking to be more than just stylists. If you want to start your own business and build wealth, our Entrepreneur Course (created by Don Hale), is for you! Follow your instincts and don't let this opportunity pass by. Get your copy of The Entrepreneur Workshop today!

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Not only is Rich Roots Shampoo Bar the best place to gain knowledge to enhance you business and develop your skills, but we also offer many high quality products to use on your clients.

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