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As a business owner and licensed cosmetologist for 20 years in the
beauty industry, Don Hale, has seen it all! Don’s experience and
creativity has positioned her to offer a variety of services to her portfolio
of diverse clients, with a professional yet friendly attitude. As a master
hairstylist witnessing the lack of educational programs available to
hairstylists, her passion started to shift toward training and development
programs. Today, Don has developed a full curriculum exclusive to
licensed cosmetologists and has created the first continuing education
program right in the heart of Southfield Michigan! It is time to excel in
your passion and craft!

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Licensed Cosmetology Instructor
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What’s exciting about continuing education is it allows the stylist to
perfect a new technique and add new services to their brand! It is
imperative to learn and stay current in the beauty industry. Adding
contemporary services to your salon menu will not only allow you
financial gain, it will also add value and longevity to your career!

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Don’t give up, don’t give in and most importantly don’t let your fire die. You can do this! We all need a push from time to time. When introducing clients to updated styles and current trends they will be forever loyal and grateful. Cultivate your brand and nourish your talent to infinite possibilities! Rich Roots Shampoo Bar Continuing Education program is here to service the Master Stylist! Enroll today!

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RRS Combo Pack Styling are offered with a two class curriculum. This class is action packed with a variety of the most popular contemporary hairstyles!!!!! Ready to expand and offer more services well, this class is for you!!! It’s time to enroll now!!


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RRS Custom Expert Color classes are offered with a two day class curriculum. All stylists will learn primary, secondary, tertiary color placement and complimentary product distribution. Along with the methods and techniques that make a master stylist. Adding this service to your brand will catapult your revenue!


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RRS Hair Weaving classes are offered with a two day curriculum. All  stylists will learn application, placement, hair quality, brief braiding, protective placement, and proper product usage, followed by a completed basic style. You will learn what methods and techniques makes a master stylist.


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RRS precision cutting classes are offered with a two day class curriculum. All  stylists will learn precision cutting, angle‘s, degree’s, product  distribution, mold, set and contemporary styling. You will learn what methods and techniques makes a master stylist. Adding this service to your brand will catapult your revenue!


[rs_feature_box box_style=”style7″ title=”RRS SALON PREP” style4_image=”3618″]

RRS Salon prep course is offered to students with 1200 hours or more and graduate‘s. This class is offered with a one day curriculum. All future stylists will learn salon  etiquette, professional image, professional branding, professional product selection, proper shampooing and state board prep!!! Upon class completion you will have the self confidence needed to prepare you for the professional Clientele to build your brand!!


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**For all MICHIGAN COSMETOLOGY CONTINUING EDUCATION PROGRAMS a 100.00 deposit is required for class participation. The remaining balance is due on the first day of class. We accept money orders, cash all major credit cards. Class sizes are small. All licenses and/or School ID paperwork from beauty school MUST be shown upon arrival.**
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[rs_contact_details icon=”fa fa-phone” title=”Call Us” content_size=”15px”](248)-403-9327[/rs_contact_details]
[rs_contact_details icon=”fa fa-envelope” title=”EMAIL ” content_size=”15px”]info@rrshampoobar.com[/rs_contact_details]
[rs_contact_details icon=”fa fa-map-marker” title=”ADDRESS” title_size=”12px” content_size=”15px”]25240 Lahser Rd #7, Southfield, MI 48033[/rs_contact_details]
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Tuesday & Wednesday: 8:30am to 12:00pm | Thursday & Friday: 8:30am to 6:00pm | Saturday: 6:00am to 12:00pm